Investment Strategies

It is difficult to achieve investment success over long time periods if you don’t have a sound strategy and the discipline to stick with it. Investors face a multitude of potential obstacles that can prevent reaching their goals.

Common Problems Areas:

  • Lack of a well - defined investment objective
  • Hidden costs, commission & fees
  • Lack of understanding types of risk
  • Distracted by current events, media hype, scare tactics & sensationalism
  • Inability to stay on track during volatile market periods
  • Emotions influence decision making
  • Focus on past performance and track records
  • Hot tips and supposed “expert” recommendations
  • Transaction driven advisors with no fiduciary duty to investor
  • Fund companies with histories of poor Stewardship & corporate culture
  • Confusing statements and difficulty seeing the bottom line results
  • Asset protection & fraud avoidance

We help investors understand and avoid problem areas and to develop strategies that are tailored to meet specific objectives. Jaras Financial Services does not take possession of client assets. We utilize independent custodians to hold and report on investments.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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